International Book Giveaway: Free Usborne Book WINNERS

Book Giveaway Day

EEEEEK! I am soooooo excited to announce the SIX winners of the FREE Usborne books that I’m giving away in order of International Book Giving Day! ūüôā Here they are:

Kari Essenpreis
Savannah Napier
Lydia the Kicker
Paige Moore

I am contacting each of you tonight via email. You have 24 hours* to respond to me with your shipping address, and I’ll be sending an Usborne book your way! So, keep your eyes on your inbox. If you don’t get an email, contact me via my Usborne Facebook Page: Suzanne Shares Usborne Books.

I will pick additional winners if I do not receive a response from one of the six winners within 24 hours. 

International Book Giving Day–Win a FREE Usborne Book from ME

Book Giveaway Day Maybe you thought that February 14 was Valentine’s Day. However, February 14 taunts another hefty claim to fame, which, frankly, gets me even more excited than Conversations hearts–International Book Giving Day! You folks know how much I LOVE reading and finding glorious books to share with you! In celebration of International Book Giving Day, I’m giving away one Usborne book to SIX different people.* My sons ADORE and DEVOUR Usborne Books, and I can’t think of anything more exciting for ME than to give away the BEST books on the planet to some of my faithful blog readers! Isn’t International Book Giving Day exciting?!?!? Click here to ENTER TO WIN

The FREE Giveaway opens Saturday, February 13 at Midnight and runs through February 14 at 11:59PM (CST). Enter to win today! Winners will be contacted the following week.

Feel free to visit my Usborne shop to see over 1600 AMAZING Usborne titles: ¬†¬†¬†See any titles that you like? Wonderful! You can order there, and the books ship directly to you. ūüôā¬†I am SO excited that you can win one of these amazing books! To see videos of some of my favorite Usborne titles, visit my You Tube Channel: Suzanne Shares Usborne Books.

*Giveaway open to U.S. residents or persons with APO addresses only. 

Cycle 1 Latin Packets–PRINTABLES

I’m excited for our FOURTH year of Classical Conversations! Since this is our fourth year, this means this will be our first year REPEATING a cycle that we’ve done previously! I’m excited to further hammer in those Cycle 1 memory pegs from three years ago!
Latin First Declension Packet.C1As I prepare for my fourth year of tutoring, I will again be using these Latin Noun Declensions and Noun Cases flash cards that I created for Cycle 1. I thought it would be helpful to put all of them together in one post:

Latin Noun Cases

Latin First Declension Packet

Latin Second Declension Packet

Latin Third Declension Packet

Latin Fourth Declension Packet

Latin Fifth Declension Packet

Have a great Classical Conversations year! If you missed yesterday’s post, my Cycle 1 Copywork pages are now available!


Cycle 1 Copywork Pages are READY!


I am soooooooooooo humbled to have heard from many of you inquiring about Cycle 1 copywork pages. Guess what?!?!? They are READY and uploaded to CC Connected! So sorry for the delay! My intention was to have them finished in June, but then, my summer plans never seem to go according to schedule. Do yours??? I pray that these will be helpful to your family this upcoming year. ūüôā username: suzannemosley on CC Connected. I made copywork pages for History, Latin, Science, and English. Please stop back by and let me know how your family is using those.

Read this previous post about how our family stumbled upon this marvelous little tool for aiding in memorizing the New Grammar for each cycle.

And, I most sincerely apologize to those of you who have commented over the summer and asked various questions about copywork pages and Latin printables. Somehow the notifications that I received when I received comments on my blog were turned off, and I literally found all of them tonight. So so sorry!

Have a GREAT year with Classical Conversations!

Classical Conversations: My 1st Year vs. My 2nd Year

Classical Conversations.Year 1 vs. Year 2 series

It’s hard to believe my family just finished our THIRD year of Classical Conversations. With no words can I adequately articulate the blessing that Classical Conversations has been to the 5 Mosleys. Learning together and seeking to root all knowledge in Christ has stretched our hearts, minds and brought us much joy. At the conclusion of our second year of Classical Conversations, about this exact same time one year ago, I wrote two posts summarizing my experience as a Classical Conversations Parent and Classical Conversations Tutor. My experience as a parent and tutor were as opposite as night and day when comparing year 1 and year 2. I made an exorbitant amount of mistakes my first year that I intentionally avoided our second year. I followed that same path with year 3 as with year 2, and it was another wonderful year.

If you are a new Classical Conversations family, don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Read last year’s post, and I hope to keep you out of some gutters where I found myself my first year.

If you are venturing out as a new Classical Conversations tutor this next year, again, read last year’s post about lessons learned as a tutor year 1 vs. year 2. Thankfully, I wound down year 3 as a tutor in the same vein as year 1, and I am not on the burn out, melt down train as I was my first year.

FREE DOWNLOAD for you too! If you are starting Classical Conversations, did you know you can read and download Leigh Bortins’s book, “Echo in Celebration” for FREE?!?!? Download it here from Classical Conversations Bookstore. I recommend it to ANY parent starting out with homeschooling. If you are starting Classical Conversations, I also HIGHLY recommend that you read Leigh’s book The Core over the summer. This will start your school year off well and give you greater insight into the Classical Model of education.

Friday Favorites: “Growing” Butterflies

FRIDAY Favorites

It is Friday, so it’s time for a Family Friday Favorite from the Mosley casa! It is also spring, and that makes me THINK of gardening, new life, you know…growing things.¬†Since I don’t garden due to my¬†green¬† black thumb, I always get a hankering to¬†grow¬†things in the Spring. I think my 3 sons are the same way.

This week I found our Butterfly Garden¬†was unpacked and opened in our school room this week, so I¬†took this as a “sign” from my boys–it’s¬†time. They are ready to¬†grow¬†something too.¬†Grant it, we won’t technically¬†grow¬†our butterflies, but it’s about the closest Mosleys get to growing things. ūüôā So, I heeded the “sign” from my 3 little men and ordered¬†our Insect Lore Live Butterfly Culture¬†so that we can “grow” some butterflies around here. The cool painted lady caterpillars will arrive, and we will have an eyewitness account of God’s amazing miracle of transformation that occurs between the caterpillar to a butterfly. We have done this before as a family, and it is amazingly breathtaking to watch. If you’ve never¬†grown¬†butterflies with your children or grandchildren, make this the year that you do it!

Here’s one of our butterfly pets from 2 years ago. If you’re looking for a pet for your child and you only want a¬†temporary¬†pet, the painted lady butterflies are for you. (Are any other parents besides me nodding their heads in agreement? We don’t have pets in our home. Why? Because I have 3 boys. ’nuff said. ha!) You can explain to your children that butterflies were created by God to be released into nature; it would be cruel to keep them in their butterfly cage. ūüôā

Caterpillars & Butterflies

You know I love Usborne and being an Usborne Books & More consultant! I LOVE getting fabulous Usborne books for my boys so that we can use them with homeschooling. So, when I ordered our caterpillars, I also had to order the Usborne Caterpillars and Butterflies book! It’s a fabulous non-fiction book (only $4.99, and it’s hardback!! what?!?!?), and we will read it together during school time as we¬†grow¬†our butterflies.

This is a family favorite of ours that I’m excited to share with you! If your family ends up¬†growing¬†butterflies, send me some pictures of your butterfly pets! So excited to share this with you! Have a great weekend, friends!

¬†I am an Affliate and an Usborne Books & More consultant. Affiliate links are in this post. Read my full disclosure policy.¬†The affliate compensation or consultant income that I receive will NOT influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. My readers are most important to me‚ÄĒmore important that reviewing a free product or an¬†affiliate¬†compensation.

If Your Easter Lunch Involves a Ham, Try This…

Our Easter lunch always involves a ham….because it feeds the masses. We don’t have family in town, so we usually invite over church friends who, too, would be solo for Easter. I found this recipe last month, and WOWZERS, it is my new favorite way to cook a ham! I love being able to serve it warm, which this recipe makes a reality. Previously, I would cook it the day before, cut it off the bone, and serve it cold. BUT, as previously mentioned, I like my ham warm. Another plus with this recipe–no need to add the dry, prepacked glaze. (Have you seen the ingredient list?!?! So many words that I can’t pronounce,which always frightens me!)

So, introduce your ham to the crockpot in the morning. (I always buy a spiral cut ham from Aldi, which is WAY cheaper than spiral cuts elsewhere, and it’s always yummy!) You’ll be so glad you did.

Here’s the full recipe. Enjoy!

He is Not Here! He is Risen!–Free Printable

He Is Not Here (1)¬†¬†I love Holy Week! We enjoyed our church’s Good Friday service last night (my favorite service of the year!). We have enjoyed using our Easter Banner this week and our Lent readings and ornament wreath from¬†The Word Became Flesh. This week is a beautiful reminder to me that, although my heinous sin separated me from God, He provided Jesus as the perfect sacrifice and payment for my sins. There is now no condemnation for me because of my sin (Romans 8:1) as a daughter of the one true king, and I will live forever with him in heaven for eternity. AND, while I am here on earth He has given me the Holy Spirit to help me fight against sin and to help make me look more like Christ. This is the beauty of Good Friday and Easter Sunday! I love re-reading this oh-so-familiar passages from Scripture this week and reflecting on what they mean in my life, and I pray that my sons will put their faith in God through Christ to walk in the freedom from sin’s punishment and to have a new life with Christ. I have prayed these truths over them this week and long to call them brothers in Christ.He Is Not Here (2)

May you enjoy a wonderful Easter Sunday tomorrow as we celebrate–He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Here’s a free Easter craft that you can make with your children this weekend. I’ll be using it tomorrow with the sweet 3 and 4 year olds that I teach in Sunday School. Enjoy!He Is Not Here (3)

To assemble the craft, simply cut out the two circles from the file (see download below). Have your child color and decorate each circle. Glue them onto a half sheet of construction paper. Use brown or black construction paper in the shape of a large stone boulder. Use a brass brad to affix the stone to the construction paper. Have your child slide the boulder over each of the circle to demonstrate the stone being rolled away and Jesus no longer in the grave! He is risen!

Download here: He is not here.he is risen


Coupon Code: Easter Banner from HeartFELT Truths {Giveaway Winner Announced}

Easter Banner

I love traditions. Our family has some glorious Christmas traditions that have brought us much joy and taught us much about God. During one of my searches for Christmas Advent Calendars, I stumbled upon HeartFELT truths. Excitedly, I shared her Christmas Advent Calendar here on the blog. A few months later she contacted me and asked if I would be interested in receiving one of her Easter Banners to use for the advent of Easter with our family in exchange for a review. I elatedly accepted and wrote a detailed review here.

HeartFELT Truths logo

HeartFELT Truths’ Easter Banner is used during Holy Week beginning on Palm Sunday and concluding on Easter Sunday morning.¬†The Easter Banner comes with a Story Text Packet, which contains New Testament readings to coincide with the events of Holy Week.¬†Each day you will read the Story Text together and place the corresponding symbol(s) on the Easter Banner.¬†On Good Friday, nails are put on the cross and Jesus‚Äô wrapped body is placed inside the tomb. Then, a large black felt piece is put over the Easter Banner. On Easter Sunday morning, your children wake up to this glorious sight:


The HeartFELT Truths Easter Banner is a hands-on, tangible way to celebrate the glorious miracle of Easter with your family. I love how it gives our family daily time around the Bible during the week of Easter. The hustle and bustle of Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans can often overshadow the true meaning of Easter. If that’s where you have found your family during past Easters, I highly recommend this Easter Banner!

And, I am sooooooooo excited to share with you that Whitney from HeartFELT Truths is giving away one Easter Banner to one lucky Suzanne Shares readers! You can enter to win below through Rafflecopter. The giveaway ends on Friday, March 13 at 11:59PM CST.

Whitney has also set up a coupon code for her Etsy shop for my readers. WAHOO! Use the code:¬†EASTERSHARES¬†for 10% off! Also, from Whitney, “All the Christmas inventory in my shop is ready to ship and I don’t know if I’ll be making anymore for this upcoming Christmas or not, so it is a good time to buy while it is still available.” The 10% off can be used on anything in her shop–Christmas and Easter.

I can’t wait to hear how your family enjoys this Easter tradition!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received an Easter Banner from HeartFELT Truths in exchange for a review and no other compensation. My statements about the Easter Banner are my own, honest opinions. The affliate compensation or products that I receive will NOT influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. My readers are most important to me‚ÄĒmore important that reviewing a free product or an¬†affiliate¬†compensation.¬†Read my full disclosure policy here.

8 Years Ago Today: Postpartum Depression & Me

Family PhotoToday is my baby brother’s birthday–March 8. It is always a fun day to celebrate him, but eight years ago, his birthday took on additional significance. It was the day that I bottomed out. I hit an all time low. It was one of the darkest days of my life. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Despite the great pain of that day and the unpleasant, painful memories associated with it, March 8 is now one of the best days of my life. It is a day when I celebrate God’s grace in my life. Thankfully, God placed people in our lives, who helped me, my husband and our young family. I survived.

In the 8 years that have transpired since my diagnosis of postpartum depression, I have had the privilege of walking with numerous women on this rocky, often painful, heart wrenching journey. I am grateful to God that through my journey with them He has further redeemed, made beautiful something that I only could foresee as painful, embarrassing, and shameful. He does work all things for good, even postpartum depression, for His children, and I am so grateful to be His daughter.

Over the last 8 years, during my conversations with other women experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety, I’ve found myself repeating these statements…

Don’t Be a Lone Ranger: Help is There
When I was in the throes of postpartum depression, I tried with all my might to make myself better. I really tried. I resisted help until I hit rock bottom. However, when I first met with my counselor and talked to my doctor, I realized that my current reality was not permanent. Hope existed. I needed the help, and I am grateful that I finally gave in and received it.

Share Your Story: You Are Not Alone
Postpartum depression is in my past, but it is still a part of who I am. I continue to share my story, and I continue to meet women who are in the throes of it, as well as survivors. Postpartum depression can be isolating and make you feel like you’re a three-headed monster. However, as I have shared with other women, even 8 years ago when I was diagnosed, I was surprised at how many women whom I previously knew came out of the woodwork. They were fellow strugglers and overcomers. Their stories gave me hope. I follow in their footsteps and pay it forward. I want to glorify God for and thank Him for saving my life. I share my story with you in hopes that you will share your story; it will encourage others.

If you know of someone experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety or any mental illness, please love them well and encourage them to pursue help. Pursue help with them. On their 8 year anniversary, you will be grateful that you did.

Read my full story of postpartum depression here.